3 Phase Sliding Gates

DG800 3 Phase Operator Shown

The DG 800 (3 Phase motor NB: only requires single phase supply) is built for intense conditions where speed of opening & reliability are a priority. Suitable for both cantilevered and bottom track type gates on Industrial Sites, Apartments, Secured Estates, Commercial & High Rise building entries. Sliding gates are most suited to commercial applications as they are more evenly supported than the swing gate. They also slide down a path adjacent to the traffic direction making them easier to protect with safety devices and far less likely to suffer damage from vehicles and other elements.

The 0.55Kw, inverter driven motor is built to withstand the harshest conditions, with an electric brake as standard for positive locking of the gate. The hollow shaft gearbox enables slim-line construction of the gate motor, with a 36:4 ratio providing the torque required to operate gates up to 2 tonne.

The Sliding Gate can be driven safely at higher speeds than a swing gate. Speeds of up to 800mm/second can be achieved safely with sliding gates fitted with speed controllers that allow gates to accelerate & decelerate. If you need gates with higher speeds, you’ll need to look for trackless gates for safety reasons.

Features include:

  • High operating speed (800mm/second with acceleration and ramp down)
  • Maximum speed operator recommended for ground track gates
  • Three phase drive that only requires singe phase supply
  • Easily fitted to most larger heavier gates
  • Compatible with all types of access control

Track Type RHS Frame with Vertical Bars (galvanized) Commercial Gate System with DG800 Shown

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