Darte Gates

Bi-Parting Darte Series shown

Darte Series Gates

Developed and designed in NZ, the Darte Series Medium Velocity Trackless (Cantilever) Sliding Gate System’s fast operation makes it ideal for high traffic areas where the features of the Bullet Series Gate are not required.

Safety Features

Safety features include a sensitive inbuilt adjustable clutch which provides an excellent anti-crushing device, however, photo electric cells and or inductive loop detectors are recommended.

Whilst the gate opens quickly, slow closing is provided to prevent accidents.

An isolation switch is provided to shutdown the power during maintenance.

For additional safety, when the motor is disengaged, an automatic override switch prevents the motor from running.

Features include:

  • Full Cantilever Operation (no road surface obstruction)
  • Medium Operating Speed – up to 800mm/second
  • Slow Closing Speed (for safety)
  • Steel construction with attractive Aluminium Security Mesh Panels
  • Reliable 3 Phase Operation with only single phase supply (due to Invertor technology)
  • Slow Start. Slow Stop for added mechanical life & smooth operation
  • Simple motor disconnect for power fail situations
  • 2 sets Safety Photo Electric Beams – 1 inside, 1 outside
  • Galvanized & 2 Pot Paint Finish
  • Pedestrian Opening feature (opens 1 metre for pedestrians)
  • Interface to new or existing Access Control Systems
  • Barbed wire top rail optional
  • Dynabolt Installation – easily relocatable
  • 230 VAC service socket outlet

Darte Series - separate Entrance & Exit Gates shown

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